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Miracle Makers: Solving a Medical Mystery

Every year dedicated and passionate Walmart and Sam’s Club associates raise millions of dollars for kids treated at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals across North America. We asked a few associates to share the reasons they do so much to help kids live better. We’ll feature their responses in a series of posts. The annual U.S. Walmart and Sam’s Club campaign runs June 10-July 7. 

Today’s Miracle Maker story comes from Liisa McCoy an associate at Walmart #2977 in Arlington, TX.

How long have you been with Walmart? 

I’ve been working at Walmart for more than 15 years.

What’s your personal connection to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals?

My second son, Matthew, was 9 months old when he was admitted to Cook Children’s Medical Center in 1994. He was having trouble keeping his food down. After many visits to his pediatrician, I took him to the ER at Cook Children’s out of desperation. He was dubbed a “medical mystery” baby by all the specialists. He was finally diagnosed with Failure to Thrive due to a swallowing disorder. I stayed by my son’s side 24/7 for the entire month he was in the hospital. The staff at Cook Children’s made a difficult situation bearable with their kindness.

What other experiences have you had with Cook Children’s?

While my son was hospitalized, a family friend’s granddaughter was there being treated for leukemia. Sadly, she passed away a week before my son was discharged. In high school, my son became good friends with a girl being treated at Cook Children’s for cancer (which is in remission). She is a musician, so the music studio they have at Cook Children’s made her time there easier.

What is one thing you want all customers and associates to know about fundraising for CMN Hospitals?

All money donated to this organization goes toward providing exceptional care for the treatment and procedures that may not be covered by private or government insurance for the child. I believe that no child, or their family, should have to worry about the medical expenses when their primary focus should be centered on the treatment and well-being  of their child.