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Swim season is here – do you have a safety plan?

Did you know Texas is No. 1 in the U.S. for pool drownings?

Drowning is silent and can happen in less than two minutes. #lifeguardyourchild

The majority of drownings we see at Cook Children’s occur in swimming pools often during unplanned swim time. Whether it’s a public pool, your neighbor’s pool or your own pool, it’s important to put certain safety measures in place to keep your child from drowning.

One to four year olds are at the most risk to drown in a pool. At this age, toddlers learn by exploring and often have no fear of water. They are unsteady on solid ground and often end up accidentally falling into water without the proper survival skills.

As children get older, they are not drown proof either. Even strong swimmers are at risk for drowning. Put multiple safety measures in place, whether it’s during a time when you plan to be around water or a time when a toddler accidentally finds themselves around water without an adult in sight.

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